We are Customer Focused

We do right consulting. We understand client’s business needs. We deliver bug free products. We communicate effectively using number of methods like IMs, Emails, Phone Calls, & Video Conferencing. We plans out a definite chart for action before making any decisions. We follows certain measures ensuring confidentiality of client’s business data is maintained.
In just couple of years Techencephalon has grown from the fairly small group of fervent engineers to a full scale software development organization. We have in-house team of business analysts, designers, system architects, developers, project managers, testing engineers and project coordinators. Our project development methodology helps our client to observe their project status at each stage – Planning, Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Deployment. We pride ourselves in delivering the enterprise business solutions to a range of clients across US, UK, Australia, Singapore & India. We believe in right consulting, fulfilling commitment, quality services, and awesome software support & maintenance. Our commitment & quality service generates the repeat business by our existing clients.

We are Listening

No two business processes are identical, and so every client’s requirement must be understood correctly. We strive to gain a full understanding of our clients’ business needs prior to recommending any solutions. “ASK” is a magical word which elucidates all your doubts and we believe in asking questions to our clients to understand their business problem, business need and propose suitable business solutions.
At Techencephalon, a team of “IT Geeks” drawn from best engineering schools is working. We think differently since we do not believe in just instructions whereas we believe in suggestions. We always propose good development option to our clients. At Techencephalon, development process shows that we prefer walking in our client’s shoes. We are concerned about our client’s business needs and we always try to deliver a solution that surely enhances our client’s business.

We Calculate ROI

Isn’t ROI a quite essential element for every business? It’s easy to calculate the ROI for the offline businesses who deals in to tangible products but what about websites? Website development doesn’t involve any material Investment however it involves time Investment. Client actually pays us for the time that we invest on their website.
Consolidated invested time contains time of Requirement Analysis, Research, Design, Development, Project Management, Testing, Deployment, Maintenance, and Enhancements. We help our client to maximize their return on investment (ROI). We emphasize on following factors of website development.
Dynamic Content Driven Website: Website must have a content management system which allows website owner to easily manage the website without paying extra money to the developer
Life of a Website: Few of the clients think about the life of a website but we believe in delivering a robust website which runs over the years and earns loads of money to our clients. We use latest technology version and market trends so that our client’s website should not be outdated in just few months.
Uncluttered & Eye Catchy Website: We create fairly complex websites with simplicity uncluttered looks. It helps people to locate the site content easily. Apparently, it increases the traffic on our client’s website.
Prelaunch Efforts: We give our best in designing the content of the website which helps our client to do the pre-launching of their product or services and target more customer base.
Easy to maintain: We provide well written code to our clients which can be easily understood by any other developer. It saves the maintenance time lag.
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Client Focused Development

At Techencephalon, we do client focused development. We always keep in mind that our client has chosen us because he trusts our capabilities. We discuss the requirements thoroughly with the client, and gets expert advice. We ensure that there must be a proper brief of the requirements either in recorded format or written format. Project brief gets converted in to functional prototypes/mockups by consulting the client partner.
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In-house Team of IT Geeks

We have in-house team of Designers, Developers, System Architects, QA and Business Analysts. We handle complete development process at our Delhi (NCR) development centre. Development team gets introduced to the client before commencing the project. Client keeps complete contact information (Phone, IM, & Email) of each member of the development team so that he can reach out to them at a mutually convenient time.
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Client Focused Technology

Generally clients are newbie to the IT industry and they are not aware of the technology. We at Techencephalon, seek advice from our clients about their business needs, their competitors, targeted audience, and geography. Accordingly, we suggest the best technology stack, framework, libraries, database, and servers for our client’s project.

Going Beyond the Requirements

IT experts tend to focus on the technical needs of the projects or sometimes they try to match the client’s need with what they do. But projects are typically driven by the non-technical factors i.e. awareness of the people in the market, socio-political factors, uniqueness of the product, and time of launch. Our team always focuses on these non-technical factors while developing the product. This could earn millions of dollars to our clients if we timely understand and match all technical & non-technical factors.