Our Services

IOS Development

Being a market leader, iOS has offered some fantastic features to its users. We here at Techens, are helping our client’s in converting their project ideas in to real apps. Our iOS experts have overcome the challenges of using iPhone’s in-built features like accelerometer, gyroscope, native camera, LTE, and Geo Tagging within an application. Mobile Application testing is rather more important since iPhone & iPad comes with different operating systems and resolutions. We are the mobile app testing and usability user experience experts. We offer smoke testing, regression testing, scalability testing, resolution testing, and performance testing on different devices running on different iOS.

  • iPhone Business Application
  • iPad Corporate Application
  • iPhone Live Streaming Application
  • iPhone Live Streaming Application
  • iOS Games
  • iOS healthcare Application
  • Weather Forecasting iPhone Application
  • GPS, Geo-location, Geo-fencing iPhone Application
  • iPhone Quizzes Application
  • Event Management iPad Application

Android Development

Android as compared to iOS has wrecked the restrictions somewhere since it’s an open source platform and that’s the reason Android has obtained a major user base in smartphone market. Android offers resourceful features like accelerometers, gyroscope, and proximity sensors which definitely increase the user experience while playing games, and search out places on google map. At Techens, android experts have built optimal android experience on Android phones & tablets. Our android team has customized the android OS for few of our customers, especially for spy mobile apps. There are some android app development alternatives available for e.g. Phonegap, Titanium, and Corona. Our team has worked on these frameworks too.

  • Geofencing Android Apps
  • Android Games
  • Enterprise Android Apps
  • NFC based Android Apps
  • Phonegap based Android Apps
  • Travel Android App Development
  • Android to iPhone Porting services
  • Spy Application Development Android
  • Mobile Commerce Android Apps
  • VOIP Dialer Android
  • Entertainment & Media Android Apps
  • Dashboard Android Apps

Blackberry Development

At Techens, we offer rich experienced blackberry applications. Blackberry is the foremost choice of many organizations as their enterprise application is running on blackberry platform. We have developed several enterprise blackberry applications for healthcare, entertainment & media, publishing, manufacturing, financials & hospitality industry. Blackberry family comes with a wide range of handsets with different OS & resolutions. We have a good team of blackberry app testers who thoroughly test out the application on each OS & resolution. Our expertise for BlackBerry Apps includes discovering the latest operational features supported by the BlackBerry technology in a highly precise form to help users get what exactly they need from a GenNext handheld device – suiting best with their requirements.

  • Blackberry Enterprise Servers
  • Blackberry Widget SDK
  • GPS & Navigation Blackberry App
  • Performance Monitoring Blackberry App
  • Blackberry Utility App
  • J2ME to Blackberry Migration Services and vice versa
  • Blackberry Messaging App
  • Blackberry Productivity App
  • Blackberry Spy App

Mobile Design & Development

At present, most of our clients are coming up with requirement of developing responsive designs, mobile optimized website, OR making website compatible to mobile. Designing is not only about color & logo, especially when it comes to mobile designs. The biggest challenge for any team is to create scalable mobile app thus it could run on all popular smartphones. Our team has successfully created scalable mobile applications for our clients around the globe.

Cost effective mobile solution is always the highest priority of clients. We have used different frameworks like Phonegap, Titanium, Corona, Bootstrap for developing mobiles apps in on-budget and on-time. Responsive design is another excellent innovation which has significantly changed the user experience especially with phones & tablets. Google search engine also appreciates responsive design since it returns high traffic numbers due to a same URL for each page. We are the leading organization who has developed several responsive design mobile sites.

  • Responsive Design Mobile Sites
  • Phonegap based Mobile Apps
  • Titanium based Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Design & Development
  • HTML5 based mobile Apps
  • Mobile Compatible Websites
  • Mobile Optimized Websites

Windows Development

Windows Mobile Apps has registered excellent records as per the survey reports for the year 2011-2012. Windows phone store has more than 100,000 (and counting) applications for different industry like gaming, entertainment & media, retail, social networking, healthcare, education, and Hospitality. TechEncephalon delivered its first windows application later 2011 and fortunately it was a great successJ. We are working on latest Windows Mobile SDK that uses Visual Studio 2005 OR 2008 on an integrated development environment.

  • Location based deals applications
  • Geo fencinf, Tracking applications
  • Windows mobile games
  • Productivity enhancement applications

Web Development

We have successfully implemented secured web applications for financial, healthcare, banking, insurance, and hospitality industry. Third party web solution is a common and popular terminology today but what does it actually mean? Third party means NO licensing fee. There are several third party solutions available in the market that could be customized as per client’s need. We have worked on third party CMS like Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Symfony, WordPress are few names. Our team has utilized their skills for developing web based products, and custom software solutions.

  • Responsive websites
  • Corporate websites
  • E-Commerce solutions
  • Custom website design
  • Content management system
  • LAMP based solutions
  • .NET based solutions
  • Java based solutions
  • Web dashboard
  • Reporting and analytics solutions

CRM Development

Customer Relation Management is must for every business be it a small business group or a multi -national company and hence client comes up with different software development requirements depending upon their business needs & scope. Many businesses find it difficult to justify the upfront costs and supposed complexity of implementing a CRM system so they prefer to purchase a ready made CRM solution and get it customized as per their business needs. Examples of few readymade CRM solutions are Zoho, Salesforce, VTiger, Dynamics.

While other group of business prefers a fresh development in the technology of their choice i.e. Java, PHP, or .NET. Businesses get the opportunity to define application architecture, workflows, and 3rd party systems integrations. It’s easy to replicate the CRM system for different locations of a company or for a group of companies who deals in to different industries.

  • CRM consultation services
  • CRM strategy and requirement definition
  • Data Migration
  • Integration with 3rd party systems like email campaigners, accounting software, websites
  • CRM Customization
  • CRM Implementation
  • CRM Testing
  • Advanced Analytics Reports Setup & Creation
  • Custom Form & App development through Zoho Creator