Python’s framework, a comparative view.

Dec 10 2014
If we talk about frameworks of python, we will be discussing only three frameworks.
  1. Pyramid
  2. Flask
  3. Django

Introduction to frameworks

Django have “Batteries included” feature, “Batteries included means” this framework includes all basic tools included within the framework. Django has templating, forms, routing, authentication, basic database administration and many more. Django’s first release was in 2006. Pyramid includes routing and authentication, but templating and requires external libraries for database administration. Pyramid is actually an enhancement of Pylon project, which was introduced in 2005 and eventually it is named “Pyramid“. Flask is “micro framework” primarily aimed for the simpler applications. Flask is the youngest framework of python, started in the middle of 2010.


Pyramid is best for:-

  • Developers working on API projects
  • Prototyping a concept
  • Developing large web applications, such as a CMS

Flask is best for:-

  • Developers who care about best practices
  • Developers who want to prototype something quickly
  • Developers who need a standalone app

Django is best for:-

  • Developers who aim to include all the batteries a web application will need.
  • Developers who wants to use ORM, templating, routing, authentication, database administration and bootstrapping on the go


Django and Pyramid both frameworks have the bootstrapping tools, the bootstrapping tool means we don’t need to write codes of views, models and controllers. Using bootstrapping tools makes easier to generate the skeleton of the project. Flask‘s target audience is not trying to build large MVC application. Pyramid uses “pcreate” to for bootstrapping and Django uses “django-admin” for templating

ORM (Object relational mapping)

According to Wikipedia ORM, is programming technique to convert the incompatible type system in object oriented programming language. Django and Pyramid both supports ORM, because of using ORM we don’t need to fight with the queries to get the data as object in our code. ORM is not supported by Flask.


On stackoverflow there are 85.6k questions asked in connection with Django and 12k followers.  If we talk about Pyramid the number of questions asked are only 1.4k and 471 followers. If you talk about Flask the number of question asked are 6.1k and 1.7k follower of this framework. The number of questions and number of followers shows the popularity of the framework and number of users who use these frameworks.


According to Ryan Brown one of the blogger says, after comparing these three frameworks that “Pyramid is the most flexible of the three” it can be used for small application as well as for big applications like Dropbox. One of the most common complaints is that there are so many options available with the pyramid to start a new project. Django is the most popular framework of Python. List of sites that uses Django is quite big like Pinterest, Instagram and Bit bucket. Flask is great for Developers who want to develop small and very fast development of websites on python platform.