IT outsourcing is going through an era of tough competition and fortunately Techencephalon has successfully maintained the quality of software for all our clients. Our aim is to provide added value to client’s business and think of client’s ROI at every stage of project development. Techencephalon adopts agile approach for developing software solutions. Agile methodology offers good space to our clients to come up with their ideas & feedback. Techencephalon team implements client’s feedback in the upcoming build of the ongoing software development.

Requirement Analysis

Requirement Analysis phase is the crucial phase of any software development project. Our well qualified business consultant interacts with client for gathering the project requirement. It’s not only about requirement gathering while our team also analyzes the feasibility of the product. If product is feasible then which technology stack we should use? Our team also suggests the best technology stack for the product development. In project outsourcing, communication has always been an essential element of software development life cycle. We have setup different communication channels including phone, voip, skype, email, web meeting s & IMs.

Elaboration and Planning

Assigned business analyst creates mock-ups using different tools like Axure, Balsamiq, and creately. Client’s feedback is important on each mock-up released by the team. Depending upon the project size, this activity usually carried out for 2-3 weeks. We also assign a project manager to this phase, and the role of project manager is to create project plan that describe project build delivery milestones with dates. SRS (software requirement specification) document is also the part of planning phase. SRS document consist of every tiny details of the project including front end & backend system.

UI Design

Assigned designing team shares the questionnaire document with the client and based upon client’s response team starts creating different design samples. Created design samples are shared with the client for their feedback on color, theme, font, & layout. It’s an Agile Process where our designer provides 2-3 iterations to the client for finalizing the design as per their taste. Designer creates final design theme accordingly and implements the theme on all the site/mobile app pages.

Test Cases

For writing the perfect test cases, it’s mandatory to have in-depth study of the project on which test cases are being written. What is the importance of test case? Objective of test cases is to validate the testing exposure of the application which minimizes the ad-hoc approach in testing. Test case has components i.e. input, event, and expected output to validate if a feature is working correctly or not. Our QA team writes the test cases which are simple and easy to understand. A standard test case consist of test case id, feature to be tested, assumptions, test data, steps to be executed, expected output, actual output, passed/failed, engineer’s comments.


A team of developer, team lead, project manager, and tester is generally involved in this phase. Project manager’s role is to manage the team and communicate with client and sharing project reports & development updates. Team lead’s role is to assign tasks to the team, verify their code, and deliver builds as per project plan shared with the client. Tester starts testing the functionality as soon as first build is complete.

QA Testing

Although testing is started within the development phase itself however different type of testing is conducted in this phase including system testing, unit testing, and integration testing. We use project management cum bug reporting tool i.e. Bugzilla for managing the projects. Client could report bugs within the system and keep watching the project status.

Deployment & Support

Once a client thoroughly tested the application in UAT phase and approves the final build. Our team deploys the application on client’s live server. We provide comprehensive support, we watch movement, we take feedback from users, we study mirror changes in client’s business, and we enhance the app to perfection which becomes a firm source of revenue for our clients. Also, we hand over all source code, design file, and project documents to the client as we protect our client’s intellectual property.

Knowledge Transfer

In some of the projects client demands of a user manual that consists of all the features and their description. We also arrange virtual trainings for client’s staff in case of big projects. Training is all about “how to use the system”.