Host A PHP website at Amazon web service using EC2

Feb 21 2014

There are few basic steps to host your PHP(Dynamic) website using EC2.

Login on AWS Management Console.
Go to EC2 Tab and Launch a Instance and choose size according to you requirement.
After that you need to allocate a new Address under Elastic IP.
Associate this IP address with your instance.
Now you can access your server(instance) usng this IP from browser. You need to add a security rule under “Security Groups tab”
For this choose you security group and add a HTTP rule under Inbound Tab.
Now you can login at you server(Instance).
For login you need to create a key Pair and it will give you a .pem file. Using this file you can login at your server.Use following command to login “ssh -i filename.pem ec2-user@Public DNS address”
Now you can setup your server as a normal server. Install webserver and language any else according to your requirement.