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Geo Location Based Application

This Geo Location based application is developed for a Non Profit Organization which raise the social cause, issues in the society. User could fill simple form and submit their entries along with photos, Videos, text or links. All the entries that are approved by the admin get populated on the application. Entries are shown in an interactive map.


GeoLocation Based Application determines the exact user’s location. Our Client come up with a social cause where user can raise their issues by filling a form and also can able to upload photos, videos etc along with the form. Our role is to help user to understand all options for protecting data, device and budget. The main challenge in making this application is to store and manage the videos uploaded by the users. As the videos are of large size hence it slows down the internet speed and can affect the data security of the application.


Considering the needs of customer, Techencephalon designed a geolocation application which allowed users to raise their issues, can upload pictures, videos, text or links etc. User need to login first to fill the form and then give the description about their issues. This application also enables users to see the issues of other users of that particular location. As this application contains huge amount of data, to overcome the challenge of representing large data set, we used Java script at the same time making it simpler. And to deal with uploading large video files we have increases the server size which makes the video uploading task simpler.

We optimized our code to run the queries faster and also done load testing using Apache Jmeter.

We produced a relevant, informative application according to the customer needs. We are primed to accommodate the ever-evolving nature of the Application hence we have done our work in every possible condition we could.


We have successfully developed an application with clear purpose, incorporating usability standards in overall design and well displayed visuals.


  • Geo Location Sevices
  • Digital Media Support
  • Push Notifications
  • Multi Location Availability


Java, Android SDK, Web Services