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Geo Fencing App

GeoFencing Application provides location based services like remote control and lets you to create your own “Geo Messages”, so you can use your location to trigger SMS’s to yourself or to your close ones. It sends you reminders, checklist or notes when you arrive at office, store, or any pre defined destination. When you pass any billboards you will receive cool offers or deals or promotional messages.


GeoFencing is a software program that uses the Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) to setup a virtual perimeter around a location. The client come up with an idea of getting a message on your cellphone with a deal when you pass by a store, family alerted when you are coming home, your boss get informed that you are now in office premises etc.


  • Battery Consumption: Application continuously needs to monitor the location of the user and for getting accurate location GPS would be used but GPS is more mobile battery consuming.
  • Accurate Location: GPS does not provide accurate location inside a premises or a covered area.
  • Trigger multiple messages on geo fence border location – When you are exactly on the border of a geofence, application might trigger multiple SMS since accuracy of GPS is in meters hence it might be possible that some times GPS provides you the location of outside fencing and sometime inside fencing of the Geofence Circle.
  • Clear and to the point
  • Browser compatible
  • keep your target audience in mind


  • We have adopted multiple approaches to overcome the challenge of battery consumption.
    • We have written an algorithm that most of the times keep background application process in sleep mode without affecting the application functionality. For Example if user is 10 miles away from the nearest geofence boundary, application calculates that user require at least 10 minutes reaching the nearest geo fencing point so it pauses the process of getting the location for 10 minute.
      Algorithm also alerts the application that which location source (GPS, AGPS, OR Network) is more appropriate.
    • In real life, user visits some of the places more often. When user visits a place, application stores the GPS coordinates of that location with available Wifi mac address. This way, next time when user visits the same place, application fetches the location coordinates from database instead of GPS which in turn saves lot of battery power.
    • When a user is connected to the wi-fi of home or office, application stores the location coordinates for this wifi. Application would not run background service in that scenario since application always gets an event of disconnect or connect.
  • When user is in a parking/basement of a mall/office, there are chances that GPS would not fetch the location, In that case application automatically stops the background process of location search If GPS could not fetch the location within 1 minute.
  • 3. To overcome the challenge of multiple SMS triggered at geofencing border, we have created the buffer area around the geofencing border say 10 meters of buffer area. When a user exits the geofencing border, a SMS would be triggered. When a user enters the geo-fencing area and again exit, SMS will not be triggered unless user travels the 10 meters of buffer area inside geofencing boundary and then exit.


We have successfully developed an Application with clear purpose, incorporating usability standards in overall design, less power consuming features and well displayed visuals.

We optimized our code to run the queries faster and also done load testing using Apache Jmeter.

We produced a relevant, functional application according to the customer needs. We are primed to accommodate the ever-evolving nature of the App hence we have done our work in every possible condition we could.


  • Location With Services
  • Geo Messages
  • Location Based Deals
  • Geo Fencing
  • Geo Campaigns