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EMR Application

Objective is to develop an EMR Application for managing patient’s medical records, and appointment
. Doctors would be able to manage their schedule, Analyze Patient’s medical history and review scanned charts


While working on EMR application our team has faced few challenges like data security, maitaning large medical file size, and quick response from the application.


We have implemented password protected servers, user authetication feature and HIPP compliance in order to maintain the data security on the application .

Challenge of huge medical record size was handled
through Google Drive. Benefit of using google drive is that all the data uploading process are carried out in the background while patient & doctor can use the application withough any lag. .

We have used extensive Java script at the same time making it simpler. We optimized our
code to run the queries faster and also done load testing using
Apache Jmeter. We have used responsive web designing approach to
provide an optimal viewing experience.


We have successfully created effective,
efficient, proficient and competent software with clear purpose and
strategy, incorporating usability standards in overall design and
well displayed visuals.


  • Patient Account
  • Doctor Account
  • Medical Record Upload
  • Data Encryption
  • Online Chat,Pateint’s reports
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • E-Pharmacy


PHP,MySQL, HTML, JS, Jquery, HIPPA compliance,External APIs .