Lead To Potential Conversion Objective is to convert Lead to Potential in Zoho CRM. Here our key module is Lead. A workflow must be created in order to convert a Lead to a Potential. Login your account -> Setup -> Automation -> Workflow -> Create Rule   We should follow below steps for creating a […]

Migrating data from one Zoho crm account to other zoho crm account: Supported modules: These are the supported module that can migrate from one account to other Users  Leads  Accounts Contacts Potentials Products Events Attachments Notes Calls Import Sequence:  This is the sequence for importing data from one account to another Leads => Account => […]

What is mysql indexing? To understand this let’s take a very simple example from real life. A phone book has thousands of phone numbers, and we want to search John’s number. Then we simply go to the page where “J” is first character. After that we check the second character and third and so on. […]

GROUP_CONCAT This function returns a string result with the concatenated non-null values from a group. It returns null if there are no non-null values. Some time we need comma separate values of a group. For example we need to show the details of a department and name of employees. In this case can simply use GROUP_CONCAT(“employee_name”) with “left […]

When You designing MySQL based applications, You should decide which engine to use for storing your data. If you don’t think about it during the design phase, you are likely to face complications later in the process. MyISAM, InnoDB, BDB and HEAP are the most common and popular storage engines. All have some advantages and […]

If we talk about frameworks of python, we will be discussing only three frameworks. Pyramid Flask Django Introduction to frameworks Django have “Batteries included” feature, “Batteries included means” this framework includes all basic tools included within the framework. Django has templating, forms, routing, authentication, basic database administration and many more. Django’s first release was in 2006. Pyramid […]

Some time we require to store mysql data in different drive or folder instead of default on. To change the data storage location of mysql we need to following changes. Step1:- Stop Mysql service. you can use /etc/init.d/mysql stop. Step2:-Create a new folder where you want to store the data. eg new_data_folder. Step3:- Change the […]

There are few basic steps to host your PHP(Dynamic) website using EC2. Login on AWS Management Console. Go to EC2 Tab and Launch a Instance and choose size according to you requirement. After that you need to allocate a new Address under Elastic IP. Associate this IP address with your instance. Now you can access […]

Drag Drop is a very common feature. HTML5 introduced it as a stranded feature. Any element can be dragged into HTML5. Following is a very simple example of drag-drop feature. There are four images that could be dragged from div1 to div2. <!DOCTYPE HTML> <html> <head> <style type=”text/css”> #div1 {width:550px;height:70px;padding:10px;border:1px solid #aaaaaa;} #div2 {width:550px;height:70px;padding:10px;border:1px solid […]

Zoho Reports is an excellent feature for individuals & businesses for generating reports on the views defined by them within Zoho CRM. Have you ever tried to synchronize any default module other than  Accounts, Activity, Contacts, Potentials, Leads, Users? Actually Zoho does not provide synchronization support for other default modules as of now but Zoho […]