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Techencephalon softwares Pvt. Ltd. is a reliable offshore software development company based out of Delhi(NCR), India. We are born to improve the human connection with technology by designing and building meaningful applications with user interface.

Techencephalon has been delivering interesting and sophisticated software solutions for global clients since 2011. We have the extensive capabilities of designing, developing and maintaining web applications, corporate business solutions and mobile applications. We have the fidelity towards our clients, therefore we deliver the quality solutions on time and on budget.

Industry We Work For


We create quiz apps, survey applications, online test scheduling system, school management system

Healthcare Services

We work on patient scheduling systems, HIPPA compliance, Medical Records Management, Medical Reporting Dashboards

Trade and Ecommerce

We design and develop Online marketplace, loyalty reward solution, supply chain management solution, B2C platforms, B2B platforms

Manufacturing & Logistic

Familiar with work flow management systems, SCM, Fleet Management, Billing & Invoicing systems, logistic & shipment.

Travel & Hospitality

Event planner, Flight Booking system, Hotel Booking system, Travel Guide

Banking & Finance:

Our inhouse team of financial business analyst and system architects have worked with reowned banking & financial institution. Interface for Financial data Analytic is one of our core skills

Let’s Explore Some Work

No more waiting for Sports & Music Lovers !!!!!
Eventraveler is an international event travel guide which offers complete details about sports & music events organized across the globe.

PHP,MySql,HTML,Js,Jquery, CSS,Bootstrap,CodeIgniter API:Bookf1,Viagogo,Ticketmaster, Ticketsnow,Eventbrite

If finding an activity is what you’re after, search no further. Whether you are craving thrills at a theme park or the tranquility of a hiking trail we have you covered! Finding fun has never been so simple. We believe that everything posted on the site should be thought of as an experience. Discovering and perusing life is only a few clicks away.

PHP, MySQL, Yii, Yelp, Eventbrite, Songkick, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, JS, Google Analytic

Coverjini has laid down the new definition of searching information. This application offers hundreds of protection plans for Mobiles, Tablets, PC, Laptops, Games and much more.

PHP, MySQL, Code Igniter, HTML5, CSS, JS, Google Analytic, Shopping cart, Payment gateway

While you get the monthly energy (Gas & Electricity) consumption bills from respective service providers but merely seeing the bill you can’t analyze whether your consumption is below average or above average of what your near ones and dear ones are using.

MySql, PHP, HTML, CSS, Js, jQuery, Facebook api, Twitter api, Google+ api

Gofleet is a GPS fleet Management Company. Team of our CRM experts have worked with Gofleet for managing their CRM, Reports, and developed backend solutions.

Zoho CRM, Zoho Creator, Zoho Reports, Custom APIs

Our Services

Featured Case Study

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Geo Fencing App

GeoFencing Application provides location based services like remote control and lets you to create your own “Geo Messages”, so you can use your location to trigger SMS’s to yourself or to your close ones. It sends you reminders, checklist or notes when you arrive at office, store, or any pre defined destination. When you pass any billboards you will receive cool offers or deals or promotional messages.


GeoFencing is a software program that uses the Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) to setup a virtual perimeter around a location. The client come up with an idea of getting a message on your cellphone with a deal when you pass by a store, family alerted when you are coming home, your boss get informed that you are now in office premises etc.


  • Battery Consumption: Application continuously needs to monitor the location of the user and for getting accurate location GPS would be used but GPS is more mobile battery consuming.
  • Accurate Location: GPS does not provide accurate location inside a premises or a covered area.
  • Trigger multiple messages on geo fence border location – When you are exactly on the border of a geofence, application might trigger multiple SMS since accuracy of GPS is in meters hence it might be possible that some times GPS provides you the location of outside fencing and sometime inside fencing of the Geofence Circle.
  • Clear and to the point.
  • Browser compatible.
  • Keep your target audience in mind.
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